Large size compared to the masks in general, the expression of which is depicted in the mask is full of mystery and tends to the creepy so conspicuous in a crowd Malaysian International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015. That mask Mah Meri tribe, indigenous people who inhabit the island of Carey, one Island in Selangor within 90 kilometers of the city center of Kuala Lumpur.

Eerie impression that vanished when the mask is approached, since the wearer’s body language turned out to be very witty mask so entertaining anyone who saw it. Occasionally he moved his hand as if he was parted hair made of palm leaves and said, “Why so serious?”

Ceram and Witty
His name is Elias. Age of approximately 30 years. That night he was clad in a costume from the bark and large-sized mask covering his face is small. It all does not reduce the agility of movement. Occasionally raised his hand and cheek prop holding palm leaves dangling from his head, mimicking the movement of a hair comb, while his legs swung to the right and to the left.
Witty acting. Even though the expression of the mask he was wearing completely away from it. Eye mask with large teeth that also looks great. There was no expression of a smile curved lips there.

Naning Tok is one of the Mah Meri tribe ancestor. Figure highly respected because besides attractive, good-natured Tok Naning also because he often distribute food for the needy. In addition to the mask Tok Naning, there are several types of masks Mah Meri others, including mask Puteri Gunung Ledang, Pongkol and Bojus. Each mask has its own story. Elias pointed to other forms of masks which happened to be approaching. Shape of face masks that nobody has wrinkles under the eyes, sunken cheeks, and lips shut.


The opening of the Festival

That night, I was present to witness the opening of the Malaysian International Mask Festival (MIMAF) in 2015 promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia at the invitation of the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board Jakarta. Held for the first time, Azizah Aziz, Director of Corporate Communications at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia that I met said the festival was inspired by the festival masks legendary Venice, besides that Malaysia save a lot of tradition mask and the most famous is the wooden mask tribe Mah Meri are settled in Carey Island, Selangor.

The stage in the middle of the park pond Kuala Lumpur City Centre appears to have started brightly. Colorful fountains bersembur in every corner of the stage. The atmosphere became more boisterous when YB Datuk Samsudin Bint Ermieyati Mas, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia opened the festival that lasts 13 to 16 August 2015. One by one participant festival mask and then performing a dance. Besides Mah Meri tribe, also helped perform mask dances from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, and South Korea.



Second Day Festival
Hotel Grand Millenium where I stay in kawasanBukit Star, my train ride to Bukit Nanas. Just past the two stops with no more than 15 minutes to get in the building Malaysia Tourism Centre also called MATIC, this is where the procession started in 2015 MIMAF mask festival. From MATIC, the mask festival participants will pass through the main roads such as Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan P. Ramlee to expire at Suria KLCC.

Again not hard to find Elias and colleagues from the Mah Meri tribe among participants who had filled the auditorium MATIC. Their clothes were striking because it is made from the bark, palm leaves are woven as decoration, as well as a large wooden masks that stand out among the hundreds of costumed people dancing and colorful masks.

Like a dance celebrating, cheerful appropriate dancers move vigorously because this dance is an expression of gratitude to ancestors and requested approval to be kept away from the disease, crop failure, until trouble getting hunted. This dance is considered very sacred because the Mah Meri tribe respect their predecessors, so they also have an annual celebration of the Day of Ancestors. Trace its history, Ancestors Day celebrations because one day tribal elders received the message from the ancestors in his dreams. Not known since when the celebration was held, but until now the celebrations are always held after the Chinese New Year in February or March, and there is no definite schedule every year since the determination of day based on the position of the moon. Determination of Ancestors Day celebrations performed by the Chairman of the Tribe and, according tradition that has been handed down, on the day that the mask will be charged.

Not everyone can wear wooden masks Mah Meri because these masks had prayed before. Meh Meri tribe itself was no one dares any wear masks as they may experience things that are not desirable. Although made of carved wood, masks Mah Meri tribe is not heavy because it is made of lightweight wood island.